Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Newsflash Sydney no better than Dublin

We got out of the hostel in Bondi beach and found our own place. It's only a studio apartment but it's grand. It's nice and central. It's only 10 minutes from Bondi junction. Also joined a gym and a football team Clan na Gael http://www.clannagael.asn.au/index2.htm. They're top of the table but I still have to make my debut. They're fair handy and I've been told to expect a rough session tonight. I'll register tonight which will make me eligible to play in a couple of weeks. With that I haven't been out a whole lot. Alot of the weekends has been taken up with the Tea Gardens which could be a pub in any corner of Ireland. It's hospitable atmosphere can be seen here http://www.teagardenshotel.com.au/web/pageid/779. I also met Paul Moroney on the first week I was here in the Australian hotel in the Rocks. With the weather here it's almost like Dublin or Cork. It's alright though. I haven't found it easy getting work and was just ready to do the green card course which allows you to work on building sites when my good friends in Ericsson rang so hopefully they can sort me out. I also went to the opera house last night for a concert with choirs. Was good to see the inside of it. Have sorted a place to watch the football/hurling now so as the Ozzies say it's all good. Carolines cousin Deirdre and her friend Catherine arrived on Sunday and they're currently staying with us. Nothing much else to report. Slan.

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