Tuesday, July 24, 2007

In the rat race

The Gaff

You'll have to correct me on my spelling of Gaff. Bored so I'm giving you a map of the house. Nothing to report from the weekend bar a bit of supping mostly. We met Mags' brother Florrie on last Friday week for a couple of schooners. I feel like I nearly know everyone in West Cork by now. Saturday we headed for Kings Cross which is nice during the day but it goes downhill as night approaches. Headed for the botanical gardens after this although missed the exhibition on man eating plants. A total dampener on the day. I headed to watch the rugby, Australia V NZ in Edgcliff in the evening.

The weekend just gone we headed to Manly for a massive walk on Saturday. It was between 10 and 12k if the signs are to be believed. I was minding myself for Sunday with the match but unfortunately never got a run. They were beaten by Cormac McAnallens anyway. I also joined the rat race this week as well with Ericsson at long last. All well but is a good bit to learn. Heading for Melbourne this weekend to see Carolines cousin Deirdre and her Kerry mates. Had good weather here last weekend but it's back to the normal Sydney drizzly weather today.

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