Friday, July 20, 2007

Rain in Sydney

I posted a few more photos and they're from here onwards:
More Photos

Quiet enough last weekend in Sydney. Went to the cinema to see knocked up last Friday. During the day Saturday we headed for the Fish market for a bit of grub. The platter was lovely although the baby octopus are an acquired taste. Headed to Paddys market after this and met Paul Moroney and Deirdre in Surry Hill off Oxford street for a couple of drinks that night. On Sunday the club was playing a league final that they were bet in by 2 points. Played well but started poorly which meant they had too much ground to make up. Of course Sunday - COME ON THE DUBS. We got the biased news reports over here as well.

Meant to be starting with Ericsson Monday week if they ever get their finger out. Had the coldest day in 20 years here during the week so I'm off to buy a radiator now. Slan.

By the way our address here is:
40/36 Carrington Road,
NSW 2024

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