Friday, August 10, 2007


Back from Melbourne on Monday night. Was fairly hectic and we had very good nights on Friday and Saturday. PJ O Briens, the Celtic club and the Turf club were our historic places of interest by night although a black mark will have to go against the Turf club for closing on Sunday night. Saturday we headed to the MCG in Melbourne to watch Carlton V Collingwood. Setanta was very slow although I think he was injured. Martin Clarke from Down was also playing. We headed for Woodend on Sunday to visit Carolines Granduncles grave. I saw the football and hurling. Meath looked very handy. It looks like the return of the great multiculturist and statesman Geraghty has made them. We met up with Florrie (Mags brother) again on Saturday night. Brunswick Street was said to be the graet area to go out but we were lucky to find a pub there on Sunday night. I'm told St Kilda is better but we never made it that far. As regards cultural things that don't occur in the middle of the night we went to the immigration museum and also headed to a Pixar exhibition. These are the crowd that made toy story. I'll attempt explaining the highlight here. I think it’s called a spirogloge it’s a circle with characters from toy story on it and strobe lights. As it spins faster and faster and the lights are flashing I turns into a cartoon in 3D.

Heading into another weekend with no real plans bar meeting the football lads on Saturday for the Dublin game. Might try and stick around Bondi beach on Monday as the city to surf run is on and they’ll probably have bands playing.

More pictures here:
Manly, Melbourne

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