Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Rainy, rainy Sydney

Not much to report. I have to tell you about the driving madness before I start in Melbourne. At alot of the streets in the city centre to turn right you pull into the extreme left until the lights you're facing goes red. Then you have to quickly turn into the right. It's madness. The first time we saw it we thought it was an accident. Caroline ended up taking only left turns for the weekend.

Well back to Sydney. Lots of rain here recently. I'm certain that they give the firing squad to any Australian who dares to tell the full truth about the weather. Was out with Grandaunt Eileens, Kathleen out near Manly the weekend before last and we drove up to Palm Beach (Home and Away beach). Was nice but alot of the beaches going up to it were far better. Last weekend we headed for Watson Bay where sydney harbour goes into the sea. Nice spot. I'll add photos whichever day I manage to remember the camera.

Other than that not much happening bar the odd night in the Cock n Bull and Teagardens. Only 2 matches left in the football but not really getting a look in. The training is good though. I'll start playing the Ozzie rules in the next couple of weeks so. Cork looked good although Meath hadn't much fight. Although good to see Geraghty getting a few slaps. He had it coming to him.... for 10 years. Up the Dubs at the weekend.

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