Tuesday, June 19, 2007

83 was not a a great year for Taragos

I've added all the photos from around the coast south of Perth and here they are here:
South of Perth, Sydney

The last time I was in touch plans were very different but I'll get to that in a bit. Kalgoorlie Boulder i really enjoyed. It was fairly lively which I suppose is to be expected from a mining town. There was plenty of history here to do with the mining as well. The super pit was amazing. This is the biggest gold mine in Australia which is expected to have gold till 2021 which was found by an Irishman Paddy Hannan. We saw a detonation here as well. Down the road is the mining museum which is an old unused mine. You're able to go down an old mine shaft here. We had a good night in Paddys Ale house here.

The van started giving us problems while we were here. We got a blockage in the radiator which would cost us at least $200 and maybe $600 if it needed replacing which was deemed unlikely. We had already paid for a service before this so we decided we'd sell it as we weren't going to get any money we plugged into the car. So we headed on the 600 km drive to Perth. Things were looking poor and we thought we might have to bring it to a scrapyard but on the Thursday before we left we got a buyer for $1,300. Happy days.

We left Perth for Sydney on Monday and didn't do a whole lot in Perth the last few days bar go out a couple of nights. And scouring the city for a place to watch the Dublin match. Only got some of the first half on the internet. We arrived in Sydney last night to wet miserable Irish weather. It didn't say this on the brochure. What could you do but head to the local, Tea Gardens for a couple of schooners. Rain all day today as well. Staying in a hostel on Bondi Beach at the moment. The plan is to find a house tomorrow and start looking for a job. 3 months of work and then we'll head for the East coast followed by the Melbourne to Uluru trip. Slan.

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