Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Port Stephens

Port Stephens was amazing at the weekend. Maps here:
Map of Port Stephens

The beaches here are fantastic and the weather was amazing. Port Stephens is more an area than an actual place. We had rented an apartment for the long weekend in an area called Nelson Bay which seems to be the main area. We rented it with Catherine from Kilcrohane and John from Kealkil, places otherwise known as Cork. We only arrived at about 11 on Friday night so had a quiet one.

Saturday we strolled down to the marina post breakfast of course and we decided to do a Whale Watching cruise. We saw a couple of dolphins early on but by god was the sea rough and not a sign of a Whale. Everyone felt a but queazy and were delighted to be back in after the 3 hours. We were told that a sighting was made through the binoculars but that it dived and swam off.

Sunday we did a tour of the beaches. One Mile beach was the best by far. It was great to get a bit of surfing in here as well. Swell was poor but did get to stand up on the board which was brilliant.

Sunday did the climb up to a lookout which had great views of the whole area. Also had a surf followed by walking over sand dunes. The photos do more justice than my descriptions ever will.

This area is fantastic for scenery. Although the nightlife is poor the scenery more than makes up for it.

You'll be excited to learn that I met Blake from Home and Away over here. I don't remember him but the girls recognised him. He's not impressed being asked about his fame. When I asked was it him he replied "That was a long time ago". I got out of there before it got ugly. Also I got attacked by a magpie cycling in on Friday and I was told today that a smaller bird was thinking about it today but thought better of it. By the way the magpies over here are much bigger. With this going on I think I might be safer not wearing a helmet.

By the way who is looking at this blog from Gawler, SA. Sure post a comment.

Here's the photos:
Port Stephens

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