Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Melbourne Cup awaits

Very little to report again. I'll have to start getting out of Sydney for the weekends. Not much happens bar the surf which is great provided I don't kill anyone. Was in Bronte last weekend where the waves were unbelievable but impossible to control yourself on them. I narrowly avoided 2 swimmers and 2 surfers. With those near misses I decided it would be safer to head back for Bondi. Patrick if you're reading this you're dead right that I need to surf the white at the front instead of going out back. Was much more productive. Other than that the usual visits to the Tea Gardens and the Cock and Bull with a trip to the Coogee Bay thrown in for a bit of variety. Also went to Sydney FC on Sunday. They were playing top of the table Central Coast who they beat 3-2. Juninho was hopeless but Michael Bridges looked handy. Sydney just recently got a new manager so they were trying to impress the new guy. They're no Pats. Ah but seriously it's a decent enough level of football. Aloisi was playing for Central Coast. A few photos from the game and the usual from the Cock and Bull.

Hopefully I'll have more cultural photos after this weekend when we do the Great Ocean Road. Currently at good, has to prove it's worth at being great. The Melbourne Cup is on Tuesday as well. All tips are welcome.

Here are the photos:
Sydney FC

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