Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Maroubra, Botany Bay

I've started cycling now in to work. It's 22 km in to where I work in North Ryde so it's a bit of a trek but at least I don't need to go to the gym anymore. I have to tell you I don't know how James Cook ever became a captain. This place is full of hills. You'd think Arthur Philip would have known better when he came 18 years later. They built a city on the side of the Alps. For more reading see:
Sydney Origins

We went out to Botany bay last weekend where the landing was made. Nothing much there but the weather was amazing. I also saw a film "bra boys" about a surf gang in Maroubra which was partly our reason for being down there. Great surfing footage in it. We went through Maroubra on the way to Botany bay. Great surf here although never got a chance to try it. While I'm at it I'll mention another film Freedom writers. The blog will start to look like it's written by Barry Norman. The last couple of Sundays they've started to put Irish music in the Cock and Bull which is mighty. I diversified my nights out by moving away from Bondi junction on Saturday. We headed for the Chinese Laundries near Darling harbour. $25 in to listen to techno music. Brutal. Never again will I wander from the warm confines of Bondi junction.

The weekend before we walked from Bronte, the nearest beach to us, to Coogee. Went into the Coogee Bay hotel here. Good crowd here but alot more polished than Bondi.

Heading for Port Stephens this weekend.

The current plan is that I'll be home for Paddys day. Carolines parents coming over at Christmas and we'll head to New Zealand with them for the month of January and then come back to Australia and do the travelling of the East coast, Adelaide, Uluru and Tasmania.

More photos here:
Maroubra, Botany Bay

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