Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Sorry to the readership

Some photos from the blue mountains:

Blue Mountains

My readership is complaining there hasn't been an entry for a while so here goes. I'm only looking back at photos and I realise I've done a good bit since my last entry. Actually give me a second while I head for the rasher sandwich across the road. Can't write on an empty stomach.

Ah that's better. Thanks for your patience. The following weekend after Melbourne we headed for watson bay. Apparently a very popular spot for committing suicide in Sydney but much more importantly it's where Sydney Harbour meets the sea. Also it would have been where emigrants got their first view of Australia. Nice spot as yopu can see from the pictures. Came back by bus right down the coast into Bondi Beach which had great views. City to surf was on the Sunday and Bondi beach was hopping. Haven't got an update from Paul Moroney yet on how he got on.

The following weekend we hit the slopes in Thredbo and we were staying in a resort in Jindabyne. Skiing was class. Even manged not to cream anyone on the slopes. Was flying on the skis by Sunday if I do say so myself. A proper little Eddie the Eagle. Was great craic at night as well with alot of the Cork crowd around. Was wrecked by the time Sunday came around but had to force myself to go out to watch the Dublin game. Congrats Deirdre. God that's hard to say. Too many players underperformed and wrong subs were made. I met Dozie and Stephen Nugent from Robert Emmets in crumlin (unluckily) and crawled into bed at 5 only to be back up for 7.30. Uuugh.

The following week Mark Carroll arrived with a mate of his, Gavin (I mean a friend of his). Showed him the sights of Bondi which he was no doubt impressed with. Looking forward to reading his blog. Showed him the Tea gardens and the Cock and Bull while he gained his life membership to Scruffy Murphys all by himself. Good week though. I managed a surf on the Saturday in Bondi. Was able to stand by the end of it although I might add I was no sooner up than I was down. Sunday was hectic enough with all the Kilkenny boys out in force.

Last weekend we were in the Blue mountains. Was great to see especially on Sunday when the mist lifted. Quiet enough spot at night but the Carrington main bar was good in the afternoon with a bit of music. Did a cable car over the valley and a train down into it which was good. I heard Ireland were poor at the weekend. I got up to watch it but I couldn't get the streaming working. I'm trying to rope Moroney into going Thursday provided we can get a place that's showing it for free. One place is charging $25. Harsh.

We're meant to be sailing with Kathleen at the weekend. They have Irish bands in the Cock and Bull on Sunday. Any excuse for a session. They're calling it half way to Paddys day. They're clutching at straws if you ask me. They did up the place and were trying to go more upmarket but they've since realised that the Irish card keeps the place afloat. The talk is that the same guy owns the Tea gardens so he's hardly a pauper. Up Cork for the weekend. Slán.

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