Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Arse-licking in the northern territories

I was mistaken about Darwin being a fairly lively spot. Correction it’s very lively on quiz night. It wasn’t a bad spot but a bit small.

The following day we booked ourselves on Kakadu National Park and they had a special on that also included Litchfield with this starting first. Litchfield was lovely with plenty of swimming in rock pools and the waterfalls were also fantastic here. We couldn’t swim underneath some of the waterfalls as these waters were infested with saltwater crocodiles. The salties are more vicious than the freshwater as they’re very territorial. A lot of the lower lying waters get infested with freshies when the water level is so high during the wet season. Also on this trip we or I mean I licked the back end of the green backed ant and you get the taste of lime off it. Sorry for the tabloidy type title. The group we did this with was sound but I have to say that as they all have my blog address. Jake/Jade let me know if you got caught in that tsunami warning? We all got free dinner in the Victoria hotel if you could call the scrap we got dinner but filled part of a hole. Sadly that night ESPN pulled the highlights of the Ireland game.

Well we were off to Kakadu the following day for a 3 day tour. Kakadu is about 3 hours outside Darwin. The first part of it was broken up with a trip to the beach to be shown different bits of aboriginal culture. This included playing a Didgeridoo which I struggled badly with, firing bamboo arrows which I was a natural at, sort of and making aboriginal jewellery which I abandoned to arrow throwing as soon as an opportunity presented itself. It was very good. Bt the way the didgeridoo is made by wood eating termites eating out the middle of a piece of wood. After this it was on to a crocodile tour which was brilliant. It involves meat being dangled above the crocodiles head and it jumping out of the water. I wonder are they being overfed here as one crocodile was very slow to react to free food. I suppose there’s a danger they could become too tame although I wouldn’t fancy swimming with them. After this we went onto Kakadu passing by the bull that was used in the Crocodile Dundee film. It was almost the end of the day when we finally got to our cabins so there just time for a swim before sunset. Days 2 and 3 involved walking mixed with regular swims. It wasn’t too tough going. Some of the views were fantastic. I’ll add photos when I get a chance.

We had one day left in Darwin when we came back. Caroline hit the shops and I headed on a cycle to a World War II museum out in East point about 13 km from the city centre. Hadn’t much time in the museum by the time I got there but the cycle was all along the coast which was lovely. Had a hell of a cycle back in as I only had 45 minutes to drop the bike back. Just watched a film in the hostel that night.

We flew this morning to Broome and we got some great views of the Kimberley mountain range. Haven’t seen too much of the town yet but it looks nice but it’s fairly small.

Looks like it’ll be a bus down the rest of the coast as I can’t get a provisional licence here. Hope everyones well.

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