Thursday, April 12, 2007

Broome, Karijini

Broome was a grand spot but fairly small. It wore a small bit thin on us by the end of our stay here. We also moved backpackers for the second day as the place in town we were staying was a bit of a kip. It was called Broomes last resort and it lived up to its name. We had a fairly quiet first night with a couple of drinks in the Roey Bay hotel followed by a wild night in the Irish bar in the town but the wild bouncer didn't allow thongs which are flip flops on this side of the world. The next day we moved onto the cable beach backpackers near to you guessed it the beach. It's so named as this beach connected the cable to Asia that carried the telephone calls to Europe. The beach here is fantastic but the waether was unbelievably hot so we only lasted about 2 hours on the beach. That night we headed for the open air cinema to see Hot Fuzz. The airport is very close to here and just before the film starts a plane flies overhead maybe 10 metres overhead. Everyone is jumping off their seats The following night we headed for the waterfront to see Staircase to the moon. When it happens right it looks like there are steps to the moon. It was overcast that night so we had to make do with just the concert. There was a bit of a do in the Oasis at the back of the Roey bay hotel. OK we'll call it what it is - a piss up. They close on Good Friday over here as well so the locals were getting tanked up. It took half an hour to get served. We headed back for the stairway to the moon the following night and it was a clear night. It looked class. The photos don't even do it justice. We headed back for the open air cinema that night as there was nothing else open.

The following morning we got our camper van - a 1983 Toyota Tarago and then we were free on the open road. We were very happy to be leaving Broome. Nice spot but were starting to get bored with it. Our first stop was Cape Keraudren reserve alovely spot by the beach although a hell of a drive. We passed through Port Hedland on our way to Karijini the following day. An old mining town with not alot to it but we saw the longest train in the world. It must have been over a hundred carriages long. Only 3 hundred more kilometres to Karijini now. We booked into the campsite just outside Karijini but as I was to find out over the next two days the flies would turn a saint to Heroine addiction. The scenery here was beautiful. The gorges were spectacular. Weano gorge was amazing.

We arrived yesterday in Exmouth. I think we have about 1300 km on the clock but the driving should decrease from here. The main attraction here is the coral reef which I have yet to see so speaking of which must run and see it. We'll head towards Coral Bay after this. Between the 2 of these places we'll spend about 10 days as we're wrecked after all the travelling. So surfs up. Slan.

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