Wednesday, March 28, 2007


We left from Bangkok to make the flight to Oz. We passed through Singapore on the way back and we headed into the city. The boat trip of the city was well worth it. The skyscrapers are pretty impressive. Not that impressed with the country though. We rushed back to the airport and just about made the flight onwards to Darwin arriving there at 4.30 in the morning.

In Darwin now. Just arrived Tuesday. Just seems like a slightly bigger version of Naas with stricter licensing laws so as a result the pubs are fairly hopping. Was in Shennanigans last night a madey uppey Irish pub. I don't think they even knew the Irish match was on on Wednesday. Was hoping to get up at 5 to watch it. I caught the last one in a combination of RTE on radio over the net and a streamed version although it wasn't moving very fluidly. Maybe that wasn't even the streaming? I saw the goal though.

Anyone reading this who has advice on what route down the West coast we should follow please get in touch.

Come on Ireland. Hopefully someone can step into the chant-starter role although sounded good on Radio on Wednesday.

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