Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Huanchaco adieu

Well Muchachos,

¿Esta Bien? Good 10 days of surfing was had in Huanchaco outside Trujillo. For any surfers there when the swell is good about the 2m it´s very good about the pier but if you go right from the pier down towards hostal naylamp it´s absoluely amazing. It´s like being on a rollercoaster except you´re not on any tracks. Absolutely brilliant and very safe in case there are worried relations out there. Hostal Naylamp is a great spot here but the nightlife is almost non-existent no it is non-existent. Sabe´s 4 or 5 doors up from Naylamp has the only small bit of activity but almost all days 2 people is the most you´ll see in here. I met a Carlow lad, a couple of New Zealanders, an Arbentinian Belgian and other odd stragglers which broke up the evenings. The Trujillo is the local beverage here which is tasty tack and only a dollar a 620 ml bottle.

I came back on the night bus from Trujillo last night and will head for Cusco on the 16th for probably 4 or 5 days for Macchu Picchu. After that we´ll be making tracks for Ecuador. Not sure of our route yet but I´ll let you know in time.

Any Bertie bashing be sure to give me a shout.

On a more sombre note Trevor Deely´s mother asked my mother to put this picture about of Trevor. If anyone has any news contact me or the number on the poster.
Trevor Deely

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