Friday, April 4, 2008

Cancun, Lima, Huanchaco

Cancun turned out to be alright. It's very developed with 24 km of concrete and there's also a bit of segregation in the resorts with alot of the gringos in the nice pools and the Mexicano on the beach. It's a bit sad for the Mexicans also as I'd say they have trouble accessing the beaches. The only way to get to the beach is via the hotels and I'm told the hotels generally stop Mexicans. I went to a fantastic nightclub here though called Coco Bongos. They have different acts on stage all night and they have trapeze artists swinging down onto the bar. It was $63 in but it's free drink once you get in which seems to bring on bouts of headaches the next morning. All in all I'd recommend anyone to go there.

I arrived into Lima about 1 in the morning and spent only the next day there. I took it fairly handy there and only hung around for the day and also had a look down at Miraflores. I took the overnight bus (10 hours) to Truquillo that night and got the colectivo to Huanchaco. This is basically just a big outdated minibus that drops people off and picks people up along the route. It's entertaining enough looking at the guys hanging out the door trying to pick up a fare. This spot I'm in is a small fishing village which doubles as a surfing village for the tourists. Good surf here. It's about 2m alot of the time although yesterday I must have picked the only calm part of the day. I'll head for a surf now after my Desayuno or breakfast. I'm getting by with my limited Spanish but I could do with alot of improvement.

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