Friday, February 22, 2008


The only update I give to you is that we arrived in Cairns and are due to leave it for Alice Springs in the morning. We're doing a 6 day tour down to Adelaide from here but the bad news is that we're being collected at 5.10. Ouch. Back to Cairns. It's a big enough place and the pubs are very good craic here. Maybe a little too much. We arrived in here late and the next morning we hit off for the Cape Tribulation tour which we were doing over 2 days and 1 night. The driver Troy with Jungle Tours was really good. We hit Port Douglas on the way up which is a yuppie tourist town. It has a local population of 9000 yet it doesn't have a hospital or a school while a smaller town of 4000 up the road has both. We also did a river cruise where we saw crocodiles and flying foxes. We stayed in the Beach House in Cape Tribulation which was fairly dull but on the plus side it did allow us to see the beach and the lookout the following day. The tour had 2 Mayo girls, Ann and Majella who we ended up going out with when we arrived back to Cairns. Nursing a hangover today we manged to do the Kuranda skyway and the train return. Lovely scenery and the Barron falls were amazing. It's the most spectacular waterfall I've seen on the trip yet. The photos will do more justice than my description. It's probably more amazing at the moment as there's a huge amount of rain.

I also added more photos into that same folder as below.

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