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Only getting around to writing this down now after the holiday at the end of August and the memories are a bit hazy but hopefully as i write things will come back to me.

We spent 10 days in Croatia and we flew into Zadar with Ryanair. I found Zadar really nice and I'd have it as one of the highlights of the places that we went. As with any of the cities we were in it is a walled City. We stayed in the Old Town in an apartment. The old town or Stari Grad in Croatian is full of little streets and it's just nice to take a wander around. The sea Organ here was impressive where the pressure of the waves coming in pushes up air for the organ. Very simple idea and very relaxing just to sit at the water listening to this. The Ice Cream here is exceptional as are the Pizzas. I'd think there's a very strong influence from Italy maybe from the Venetian invasions. For booking accomodation the tourist office here was exceptional and they were very friendly.

We travelled to Zadar National Park for one of the days. The waterfalls and turquoise lakes here are amazing. I have no shortage of photos from here and maybe the number of photos from here says enough about the place but this is well worth a visit.

I think it was an 8 hour bus journey from Zadar down to Split and from here we got a ferry out to Hvar island with Jadrolinja. We booked our accomodation here with the tourist office but a safer bet would probably be to go with before you go. Hvar seems to be the playground for the rich and famous. The first day we were there we were amazed at the size of the boats and the following day there were new ships that dwarfed the previous days boats. It's a crime to have hunger in a world where you have 3 storey ships going around. Hvar is a great spot for the young and not so young. One one side of it you have all the bars/nightclubs while on the other all the restaurants are. St Stephens Square here is gorgeous and there is a walk to the castle above the square which is lovely to do at night.

We were able to get a ferry from here down to Dubrovnik which was lovely and relaxing. You'd almost think going on a cruise ship would be a good idea but being in Dubvovnik would soon change your mind. Dubrovnik was lovely once the crowd from the cruise ships left as the place was choc a bloc. The cruise ship crowd walk down the street 10 abreast and take up the whole street and the prices here are very inflated I suppose because of this. Having said that Dubrovnik is lovely and the walk of the walls is particularly good. War Photo Limited is very good here and is well worth a visit.

We drove from Dubrovnik back to Zadar and the drive back to Split looked to be very scenic from what we saw in between clouds as there was awful rain the day we drove back.

I'm surprised this came to be this long at all.

Here are the photos:

Croatia 2014

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