Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Dunedin, Te Enau, Milford Sound, Queenstown

Everything is great here. I'm in Queenstown now. Brilliant spot. I've booked a skydive for tomorrow and am also going boogie boarding down a river later in the day after that. All going well I'll do a bungie the following day. Good spot. I was in the two Irish bars Pig & whistle (not very Irish sounding but has a ballad group in there tonight) and Morrisons. Lovely town very based around adventure sports as you may have noticed.

Was in Te Enau before this. Te Enau was lovely situated on the banks of a lake like alot of towns in NZ. We headed for Milford Sound from here. It's over 100km of a drive but it's very scenic. Was very wet so the waterfalls were full of water. It ahd been greart weather here for the previous week but the waterfalls had all dried up so in a way we were very lucky. Did a boat trip here which was excellent. Must post the photos when I get a chance. Also on a note of Geography Milford isn't a sound at all because it's created by glaciation so it's a fjord whereas a sound is created by a river.

Contrary to all the reports about Dunedin we thought it was great. Museums here are fairly impressive. They're quite informative for the slow readers among us mainly me. In Question Time on the museums the Cronins fared badly though for all their fast reading.

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