Friday, November 23, 2007

Moreton Island

We headed up to Brisbane last weekend. We met Aisling on Friday night and ended up staying with her after the YHA made a bags of the booking. We had trouble getting into the nightclub with our passports but thankfully our VIP (YHA equivalent) came to the rescue. Saturday we met John and Fiona who were coming from the Gold Coast to go to Moreton Island which is an hour and a half boat ride from Brisbane. Real resort island which adds on money to everything. Was very expensive. We did get to feed dolphins here though. I'm not sure I agree with it though. I think they were overfeeding them a bit compared to Monkey Mia on the West Coast. I think they're far from being wild. Moreton also has ship wrecks which you can snorkel off. There's coral growing on some of the ships and the fish there are pretty amazing. Also the one man show Terry was a bit of a laugh - drove the car to collect the people from the boat, sang the karaoke, served drinks. We were dissappointed he didn't drive us back on the boat.

We met John and Fiona again on Tuesday and Wednesday but thankfully the bad people are gone home. Nothing against you just a killer getting up in the morning after being out the night before. A restful weekend ahead hopefully. Also the Irish Film festival is on this weekend so I might get to a couple of films.

In more important news the Pats supporters in foreign lands calendar is coming out at Christmas and you can put me on the front cover by going here Saintsforum

Then go Forum Index -> The Saints Photos Forum -> Photo Of The Year

Photos of Moreton Island here:
Moreton Island

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