Thursday, May 10, 2007

More photos with not much news

A Couple of photos here and will post the rest of them tomorrow when I get the new camera.

Karijini, Kalbarri, Hutt River Province, Geraldton, Pinnacles, Perth

Whale Shark Coral Bay

Not a whole lot at all has happened in Perth. Went for a couple of interviews for office staff/data entry type roles and seemed to go grand but after doing the 5 minute tests for data entry I realised I would be nearly happier working in McDonalds than that. The Ericsson job is delayed till next week or not at all. So we decided we'd head to Sydney earlier than expected where McDonalds have a branch if worst comes to worst.

Other than that I have much the same to report from an average week in Dublin. Not a whole lot. Was in Scarborough beach yesterday and it seemed really nice. Must get a try at the surfing before I leave. Niamh, the cousin is bringing us on a bit of a session on saturday and hope to get to the Dockers on Sunday. Hope all is well.

For those that can't wait to see when I update:

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