Sunday, February 4, 2007

Ko Tao

Went on a Thai cookery course the day after the last post. Nearly burned my eyebrows off. Was tricky enough. Was a bit trickier and a bit more pressurized than putting on pasta.

We set off on the long road to Ko Tao the day after with a 12 hour trip to Bangkok on the overnight train. Was very comfortable and slept brilliant on the train. A bomb wouldn't have woken me. Irish Rail could learn a couple of lessons there. Arrived into Bangkok at 7 in the morning and headed over to Siam square for a McDonalds or a McThai as the company is called here. Got a Samurai pork burger which hit the spot nicely. Other than that we just put in time in the shopping centre until our train to Chumphon was going which was 10 hours away. Stayed overnight here before getting the boat to Ko Tao which is an hour and a half away by Catamaran. It was the boat ride from hell. Started off with the waves coming in over the boat and the kids up the front were loving it but half an hour in that all changed. Mammy started puking followed by kid 1, 2 and 3. My stomach was dodgy so I got a travel tablet off Caroline. If it was in Ireland the boat never would have sailed. Starngely enough while all this was going on I found myself going to sleep. Couldn't believe I could do that in the rough weather.

Arrived into Ko Tao and got another bit of sleep. Must have have been all the mental stress I was under. Yesterday and today we worked on the tan and also did a bit of snorkelling. The reefs here are amazing. There's a bit of snobbery here between the divers and the rest here. Myself and Caroline will be joining the diving classes tomorrow when we do a 1 day intro which has a 50 minute dive. We'll head to Phuket either tomorrow morning or the following day through Surat Thani for Ko Phi Phi and Krabi.

Have photos up here as well:

Off to watch the egg chasing now.

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